Peter Olson is based in Toronto, Ontario

Hi I’m Peter.

Raised on the Prairies I know two things: I love hard work and being outside. 

I’m a commercial photographer based in Toronto, Ontario. 

I’ve got vision, drive, and I’ll work to make it work for you. My aesthetics revolve around authentic living and being outdoors. I strive to create dramatic and unique work, while keeping in mind what is best for your brand.

I’d rather show than tell, but sometimes you have to. My clients include Sid Lee, Presidents Choice Financial, TVO, Clean Sheet Communications, Dundee Goodman Private Wealth as well I’ve had my work published in Canadian and UK magazines. I’ve been lucky enough to receive a few awards for it, including Photolife's Emerging Photographers 2011, The Epson International Pano Awards and the Applied Arts 2012 Photography & Illustration Youngbloods award.

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