Faroe Islands

Koltur… population 3

This summer I had the opportunity to second shoot on a job in the Faroe Islands. It was an intense two weeks, with multiple shoots every day and retouching late into every night. 

Still, Faroe has become one of my favourite places I have ever visited. The people were some of the most warm and welcoming you could ever hope to find, and the wild nature of their landscapes is truly jaw dropping. 

Faroe has some of the most dramatic landscapes I have ever seen. There’s no messing around. Dizzying cliffs shoot straight out of the ocean to meet vast stormy skies. It was an absolute treat to shoot there. The above the images are what you might call the Faroe Islands greatest hits. The Waterfall at Gásadalur, the Summer home at Saksun, and the Lake Sorvagsvatn, which gave me the craziest vertigo I have ever experienced. 

But there is so much more to the islands than just those three stops. We were incredibly lucky to be able to experience so much of what the country had to offer and to meet the people who actually live there. 

I would highly recommend heading to my friend Gabriel Nivera’s blog, he was kind enough to bring me along on this trip and has been posting portraits and stories of the wonderful people we met who make the Faroe Islands such an incredible place to visit.

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