Helen Tran

This is my good friend Helen. We met in 2016 when I was planning my first trip to Iceland. I think I barraged her with about a million questions about hot pools and hikes. Last year she was the inspiration for my 8-day hike of the Kungsleden in Sweden and earlier this year we took a failed trip to Iceland in search of the northern lights.

She has visited all 7 continents hiked the 440km of the Kungsleden solo and has founded her own tech startup. She doesn’t seem to half-ass anything. 

In the past couple of years, Helen has thrown herself into the world of physique competition. We met up this last week which was the final prep week for this year’s competitions.

Its been amazing through the year to watch how much Helen has built in muscle, she has unbelievable drive and keeps to a rigorous training schedule and a crazy strict diet. 

Check out @helentranfit it’s pretty incredible. 

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