Kew Vineyards

I first visited Kew in 2014 on a cycling trip to Niagara from Toronto with a couple of buddies. Despite being hot, sweaty, and clad in lycra, Liisa Young (the hospitality manager)  opened the front door to greet us, showed us inside and brought us some water.  We spent an hour out on their patio, tasting through a few of their wines. More than anything that’s what I love about visiting Kew Vineyards, it’s not because their wines are amazing (they are) it’s because from that first visit, it felt more like dropping in on a friend for a glass of wine than a stiff tasting experience. 

Since 2014 we’ve made the trip out to kew almost monthly, and there’s usually something new to try. I get excited every time I see them release a new bubbly; it’s my favourite place to go for any celebration or farewell party; and when tasked with picking the wine for my sister-in-law’s wedding, there was no question where I would be getting it. 

The design of Kew is a huge part of its draw, the space is a 160 year old house originally owned by the Kew Family, and renovated in 2013 by the Young family when they opened their doors. The whole space feels very different from any other winery I have ever been to. Its clean, bright, and fresh. They have done away with the idea of a cattle call tasting bar, instead opting for a casual tasting room that spills out onto a elegantly appointed patio. Everything about Kew invites you to stay and taste through a whole range of expertly crafted wines, while relaxing in the sun.

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