This is Brodie, as you can see he has a killer moustache and is a pretty handsome fella. Yesterday I was able to convince him to get in front of my camera for a hour while we wandered around downtown Victoria.  

Beautiful British Columbia

I spent this last weekend sleeping on Sombrio Beach. The first night there I got the best view of the stars I have ever had. I hate to sound like a broken record but I love this province. Every time I visit, I am able to find some new amazing place to photograph.

Something about the ability to escape and be miles away from anyone, the dense forest and the vastness of the ocean really kickstarts my desire to make new work.  

Today I just want to share a small gallery from this weekend,  I hope you find it as beautiful as I did. 

West Coast, Best Coast

For the past couple of weeks I was lucky enough to spend time out on Vancouver Island. The whole trip was meant to serve as a creative reset after a long bleak winter.

My inspiration stems from spending time outside and when you are holed up for 4 months staring at a browny grey Toronto winter, you can start to feel pretty tapped out. 

With that, here are a couple of my favourite landscapes I shot while out west, there is a few more to come, but more on that later. 

President's Choice Financial

Take this an incredibly late Happy New Year post, I have been fortunate enough to have the problem of starting my year off crazy busy.

Late last year I was commissioned by the fine folks over at Sid Lee to create a bunch of work for the President’s Choice Financial Blog. Over the past couple months it has been a quick pace producing images for two blog posts a week.

Since a fair amount of the articles have started showing up online I wanted to share this small gallery of what’s been keeping me busy. The project has been really interesting for me, trying to take these rather dry banking concepts and making something out of them, but ultimately has been incredibly fun.

There is still a lot of the images that are yet to be released and a couple creatives coming down the pipe, so check back!

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