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A few months back I was contacted by Cottage Life magazine about some work they had seen on my site and were interested in using to go along with a story in the winter issue about ice climbing.

Some of you may have seen this shot before, I came across these guys scaling a frozen waterfall while on a winter hike back in Alberta. Below is the photo they decided to go with, in its original form.


Over the long weekend I had the opportunity to put together a little creative with this handsome fellow. I wanted to make quiet warm images that really allowed the beautiful autumn tones that we get in this province to shine through. Back in Alberta growing up we didn’t really get the long colourful fall that Ontario is famous for, and even after 3 years of seeing the leaves change the rich tones never get old.

Here are a few more of my favourites from the evening…

And a BTS shot from my assistant

Leave Your Campsite Cleaner Than You Found It.

Today I am happy to share the third image and my favourite image from my camp sayings series. You may remember some of the snapshots that went along with this photo from This post.

I think anyone who has spent any time camping or hiking has probably heard this phrase a hundred times, and I think that’s what made me so excited to include it in the project. If you want to see the first three images in this series all together check out the new gallery Here.

Again huge props to type wizard Nick Picard for helping me put this project together, I am so pleased with how these first three images have turned out, so much so that there is already another three in the works, so keep an eye out.

Keep an edge on your knife.

This is the second image in my series in collaboration with Nick Picard. I found this saying challenging to photograph and went through three or four concepts before I decided on just keeping it simple and letting the type shine. Plus I think the Opinel knives are beautiful and classic all on their own.

Next week: The third image in the series, and my personal favourite.

Plan Your Route

This is the first image in a series that I’ve been putting together over the summer.

The series is a mix of typography done by type wizard Nick Picard and my photos. I wanted to make a collection of images illustrating some the camp wisdom from back home. It’s a painfully Albertan thing, you can’t go a full day without someone laying down some cowboy wisdom on you. I wanted to translate that into my love for the outdoors.

Here are a couple little snaps of some of the neat props I got to pick up for the shoot, and a BTS photo from Gabe who was kind enough to let me use his hand for the photo.

Over the next week I’m super excited to be able to share the first three image of the series. So check back.

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